Interview your favourite Celebrity Big Brother Finalist!

Ever wanted to know exactly why Lee chose Jasmine over Casey? Or why Jim Davidson decided to enter the House? With VoxPopMe, we are giving members of public the opportunity to ask their favourite Celebrity Big Brother finalist any question.

We’re very happy to be teaming up with Celebrity Big Brother and the Daily Star. VoxPopMe technology is changing the normal question and answer session with the Big Brother finalists, using our video insight platform to open up more of a two way interview. A number of the best video questions asked will be selected, and those questions will appear in the final interview with the finalists online.

To leave a question for their favourite Celebrity Big Brother finalist, a user simply records a short response stating their name, and their question for which finalist. The question went live last night, and we’ve already had tons of great responses like “Ollie, when you leave the house you’re going to get a lot of attention, and interest, from both men and women, be honest who will you be most interested in starting a relationship with?” or “Casey, why did you decide to chase after Lee in the house, who is well known for being a womaniser?”

To enter, simply follow the link to download the app and leave your response to “CBB: Record your question for the finalists”