Has David Cameron done a good job as Prime Minister?

We asked our panel of UK consumers whether they thought David Cameron has done a good job as Prime Minister, and unsurprisingly we had a number of mixed opinions. Although on the whole, 52% agreed that David Cameron has done a good job…

Of those that felt David Cameron has done a good job, a number of the panel felt that to be Prime Minister in these tough economic times would be a hard job for any of the party leaders, that he has done a “good job in a bad situation” – there will always be people that criticise or are against the current Prime Minister. There was a general feeling that he has not been exceptional, but he has started to build the foundations for a growing economy. Although some of his cuts may have been harsh, they are measures that need to be put in place to reduce our deficit. A number of the panel agreed with some of the new policies he has introduced, such as the ‘Help to Buy’ scheme and welfare cuts. A small proportion commented on David Cameron as more modernised than they perceived the Conservative party to be in the past, although some had not been a Conservative voter before they believed in what he was doing.

On the other end of the spectrum, 36% felt that he was not doing a good job – that he has just made the rich richer and the poor poorer. This was down to many not agreeing with the bedroom tax, with some commenting on how they feel victimised because their children have left home. Others did not agree with the number of cuts he has made to the NHS, education, benefits and the rise in student fees – whereas the amount we pay out in foreign aid has not decreased.

Of the remaining 12%, most were indifferent to David Cameron – that he is a wish-washy Prime Minister that has not stood out amongst the others. Gem, from Troon described David Cameron as a Prime Minister that has had the “least impact on me that I can ever recall in my entire life”. With a number commenting that they are not overly a fan of any politicians, therefore they are not under the impression he has done any better or worse job than any preceding Prime Ministers.