Samsung Vs Dyson: which advert is more effective?

We asked our panel of UK consumers to review two adverts, both for washing machines, one from Dyson and one from Samsung. We had a really quick speed of response, with a number of our panel finding the comparison of two adverts very engaging.

Although Samsung created a very funny, amusing advert that didn’t take long to go viral, it was Dyson that gained the majority vote for the more effective advert. Both great adverts, but both for very different reasons, as Dyson showcase the more practical side to the washing machine. It seems this was more successful as a number of the panel just wanted to see exactly what features are included.

As a washing machine is more of a household necessity, holds a higher ticket price, and leads to a major inconvenience when it breaks – it seems the majority of the panel was very focussed on getting a quality item that they could trust. A large amount of the panel associated the Dyson brand with trust, and innovation, commenting that this advert was typical of Dyson to simply sell the product off the great and unique features.

The amusing angle of Samsung’s advert was appreciated by most of the panel, many considered it to be an advert that really worked and one they were likely to share with their friends. However they felt the Samsung brand was not strong enough in the advert, as they would remember the advert but not specifically which company the advert came from, that really the Samsung brand was overlooked and almost an afterthought to the advert.

Overall the panel are not looking for a gimmick when it comes to purchasing a washing machine, a more serious purchasing decision that takes more thought, therefore an advert like Dyson where they have clearly laid out what you will get for your money has had more success.

Watch some responses from our panel.