NatWest Cashback Plus TV ad 2013

A strong advertising campaign from NatWest confirms their stance as an inclusive brand. Our panel of UK consumers on the whole felt after the advert that NatWest banking is for anyone and everyone, that to them it doesn’t matter who you are – everyone will receive the same treatment..




However some of our panel found themselves watching the advert more than once, as they found the story was a bit disjointed. Others felt that the actual point of the advert, of cash-back on purchases, was overlooked and poorly explained. Although the majority felt positively about the advert, and the NatWest brand, with panel members commenting on the ‘caring’, ‘loving’, ‘homely’ feel of the brand.

Craig, from Kingston upon Thames, said “whatever you do, you might enjoy something, you might not enjoy something. But in theory whatever you do you will get cash-back for just shopping, just using your card… I must admit I am quite tempted to go and find out some more information about it.” Many of the panel liked the idea of getting something back, specifically from the banks, as banks are normally receiving bad publicity; it was promising to a number of our panel that a bank was rewarding the right people.

Overall a positive brand impression was taken from the advert, although it seemed more about the goodwill of NatWest as opposed to really introducing any new features – the advert did seem to appeal to everybody on the whole.

Watch some responses from our panel.