Even more #ReasonsToBelieve from Coca-Cola

As we see in the New Year with positivity, Coca-Cola’s latest advertising campaign seems to be fittingly reinforcing the mutual New Year optimism. One of our panel members referred to the advert as a “stop you in your tracks” type advert.

Overall the panel felt that the advert was extremely powerful; describing the advert as “warming”, “deep”, “meaningful” and a “feel-good” advert. A number of the panel referred to the advert as true to real life, taking a look at our natural human condition that everyone has those ups and downs – but it is wrong to focus on just the negatives in the world. This advert seems to come with good timing for many of our panel, as we look to change and be positive in the New Year, a feeling that we can normally tend to lack.

A large amount of the panel liked that the advert was not just fluffy and nice, however some commented that as the Coca-Cola brand appeared at the end of the advert it was almost an anticlimax. The advert seemed life changing, the kind of advert you may expect from a charity.

Some of the panel referred to the advert as very americanised, which was not seen as a negative aspect – as Britain could use some of the positivity amplified in America. Most of the panel commented on the featured song ‘You’ve Got The Love’, and the choir singing, as something that “sent shivers down your spine” and an incredibly fitting song for the advert.

The majority of the panel linked that enjoyment of life with that enjoyment of Coca-Cola, and that experience that goes along side it. The inclusiveness, diversity, and message of the advert have clearly made the advert a success in the eyes of many of our panel.

Watch some responses from our panel.