Smirnoff – The Nocturnal Awakening

We asked our panel of UK consumers to tell us what impression they had of the Smirnoff brand after watching the ‘nocturnal awakening’ advert. The reoccurring idea our panel got from the advert was ‘make Smirnoff your own’.

Many felt that this was an advert appealing to those creative, interesting, beautiful people that are up all night – and to be one of those people you have to drink Smirnoff. Smirnoff is about being creative, being yourself, doing what you want to do, and drinking Smirnoff the way you want to. It would appear that most of the panel feel positively towards the brand; describing the Smirnoff brand as quality, stylish and trustworthy.

Although the majority of the panel aged over 30 felt that the advert was not targeted towards them, and Smirnoff are positioning themselves as a brand for younger people. It seemed they are trying to move into a more mysterious and sinister brand, with dark undertones. Linking the idea that you will have a great night out if you choose Smirnoff.

The advert was commented on as visually interesting, with the use of vibrant colours. The use of colour was linked to Smirnoff breaking away from their ‘red and clear’ label, and into a whole range of new flavours. Some of the panel perceived Smirnoff as a bit of a ‘blank-canvas’, that you can add almost anything to it as they have in the advert. It’s a drink that can cater for everyone because it is so diverse; Smirnoff is the component to make any night great.

However there were some concerns over the advert, specifically the line “we’ll sleep when we’re dead” – with a small proportion of the panel commenting that they don’t think such a strong alcoholic drink should be connected drinking and death in a glorified way.

Watch some responses from our panel.