Clash of the giants: Virgin Vs BT

We asked our panel of UK consumers which is the stronger brand, Virgin or BT, and which they would prefer as their internet and television provider. When it came to the brand, there was one clear winner…

76% felt that Virgin was the stronger brand, with a number of the panel commenting on the power of Virgin’s advertising; more specifically the adverts that featured Richard Branson himself, and inspiring celebrities as Usain Bolt, David Tennant, Stephen Fry, Mo Farah – the people’s heroes.

Although many felt that BT did offer a better internet service, it seemed this was only because BT still have the upper hand when it comes to national coverage. It was really the TV service where our panel felt BT fell down in comparison; BT Vision was not on par with TiVO – a number referred to the difference in sports channels as a ‘game changer’ between the two brands. 43% commented that BT Sport was nowhere near as good as Sky Sports available from Virgin.

It’s clear that Virgin was perceived as the ‘cooler’ brand, it seems that they have much better customer service than BT to back them. As a number of the panel commented on previous bad experiences they had received from BT over the phone, some of the panel felt stuck with BT as they are not in an area where Virgin is available.

However BT did have the backing of the traditionalist, with a small proportion of the panel focussing on the “British” Telecoms element – that BT is a brand that they have always had in their house since being young, that trust has always remained in the brand and that feeling of supporting a British company.

Watch some responses from our panel.