What is your opinion of fracking?

We asked our panel their opinion of fracking, and whether they would be happy to see an increase of fracking in the UK. There were two recurring thoughts when it came to fracking from our panel – high risk and self-sufficiency.

Many of the panel recognised the need for the UK to be more self-sufficient, in terms of our resources, as currently we pay high import costs. There was a focus on the increased price of living, specifically increased energy bills, and the fact that we are not currently living sustainably. A number of the panel referred to the US as a good example of how fracking can benefit a country. 71% of our panel commented that they would be happy to see an increase in fracking, as long as there are enough safeguards in place to protect the UK environment.

However 29% disagreed, with a large number mentioning fracking in Blackpool and structural damage that was caused. Many felt that there needs to be more research and education into fracking, that we cannot just be swayed by the chance of cheaper alternatives and government incentives. Many felt that more research should be done around other sustainable ways we can become self-sufficient, that causes less harm to the environment. That the risk attached should be as low as possible, and without fully knowing the consequences of fracking we should not agree.

Fracking was described as our panel as “environmentally destructive”, that it could contaminate our water supply and lead to a number of problems for the country down the line. Although the problem can be limited if the right precautions are put in place, the majority of the panel felt if fracking were to increase in the UK then they would not want it to take place in their local area. Some of the panel felt that fracking in the UK would satisfy a short term problem, but it is not a long term solution, there needs to be a much greener and sustainable solution for the long term.

Watch some responses from our panel.