What are your views on UKIP?

The controversial UK Independence Party had our panel debating over what policies are vital  to an economically successful country. 72% of our panel agreed that they would not want to see UKIP take any more seats in parliament.

A large number commented that although some of UKIP’s policies may seem extreme, they bring important subjects to debate, such as immigration. The majority of our panel recognised that immigration is a very important issue for modern day UK, as we only have a limited amount of resources and an economy that cannot support a growing population. Many felt we should sort out our policies on benefits, health and housing before inviting more people to migrate to the UK.

Other policies from the UKIP sparked emotions, specifically their view that the UK would benefit from the UK leaving the EU. Many on both sides of the UKIP argument agreed that the UK is not currently strong enough to stand alone, and at the time we would not benefit from leaving the EU. Of the 72% that would not like to see an increase in UKIP’s seats, many commented that UKIP is “too far right-wing” and “old-fashioned”. Christopher from Sherbourne said “I think that they generally play to a section of society that has been whipped into hysteria by the media”. It seemed to be a general consensus among the 72% that the views of UKIP were nothing better than the political stance of the BNP, however many felt that they controversy around their policies did spark debate amongst the other political parties, .

Although of the 28% that would like to see UKIP take more seats in power, only a small proportion would like to see UKIP actually in charge of the country. Some of the panel felt that it was time to see a change in Parliament, that having the same leading parties alternate control has not previously been incredibly successful for the country.

Watch some responses from our panel.