Marks & Spencer

As High Street sales picked up through the seasonal period, we gained the public opinion on one of the biggest High Street chains in the UK. Steven, 24, from Ramsgate described Marks and Spencer as “one of the prestigious Great British chains and clothing outlets” – a large amount of the panel associated Marks and Spencer with traditional British culture.

81% had an in general positive view of the Marks and Spencer, with the majority feeling when it came to M&S food they have a view strong brand through their very distinctive adverts and the quality of the food. Ashley, 37, from London said “the adverts make you want to climb in the TV and eat the food”. Some of the panel commented about on the advantages of having small M&S food outlets located nearby, at fuel stations, offering quality and convenience. There was a running theme that M&S was more of a ‘treat’ food, and less of an everyday supermarket for the family.

Although the M&S food brand was considered strong, many of the panel felt that they had focussed too much on the food and weren’t sure who the M&S clothing were aimed at. There was still a general feeling amongst some of the panel that Marks & Spencer is still a bit of an ‘old ladies shop’, whereas their advertising is aimed at a range of ages, it still appears to be the older generation choosing to shop there.

The majority of our panel found themselves mentioning the high standard of customer service they had received from Marks & Spencer, specifically their click and collect service. The layout of the store and availability of products was commented on in a positive light. Although some of the panel members found Marks & Spencer to be a confusing brand, as some products were priced extremely cheaply in comparison to their competition, but other products like their electrical products were far over the mark of any other retailer.

Watch some responses from our panel.