Which charity is the best cause?

Bailey, 18, from Rochford said “I think one of the best charities is actually WaterAid, because it’s one of those things we really do take for granted. Clear water, just normal drinking water, we take for granted every single day.”

On the whole, the charities our panel felt most worthwhile were those close to home, 32% of the panel mentioned that the main charity they support is Cancer Research. This is because they had been affected in some way by the disease, as 1 in 3 people in the UK suffers at some point in their lives from the disease.

37% only really gave to charities that support and offer aid after a natural disaster, with a large number saying they had recently donated to the Philippines disaster. It would appear that many of these panel members look for more global care. As opposed to many of the members that have on-going monthly donations that would donate to charities based locally or nationally, as they want their money to ensure the UK is looked after first. Many commenting that if something was to happen to them or their family, they would like to think the charity they donate to would help.

Watch some responses from our panel.