What makes you proud to be British?

A considerable amount of the panel still seem to be basking in the glory of 2012, with 28% stating the London 2012 Olympics made them most proud to be British.

Closely followed by the monarchy, 24% said the Royal Family made them proud to be British, especially the togetherness Britain felt during Royal events, like the Royal Wedding and Diamond Jubilee. The monarchy, seen as central to the nation and not to mention a major tourist attraction, sets Britain apart from many other countries and therefore many of the panel felt it was something to be celebrated.

17% mentioned the great television programmes produced in Britain, and the quality broadcasting of the BBC that we offer to a number of other countries. A small proportion of the panel commented on the British sense of humour that makes up British TV, the slightly dark and sarcastic nature that really sets our shows apart.

There was an emphasis on the shared, inclusiveness culture that Britain has. This was not limited to the NHS, education and benefits system; but how everyone is given the opportunity to live freely, whoever they are, in equality – which a number of the panel felt was not available in a large amount of countries across the world.

Watch some responses from our panel.