What is your opinion on euthanasia?

Euthanasia and assisted suicide is currently illegal in the UK, leaving a large amount of people who suffer with a terminal illness to die of natural causes. Although a very sensitive subject, we asked our panel whether they think euthanasia should be made legal in the UK. A staggering 88% of our panel wanted euthanasia to be legal in the UK.

The majority of the panel believed in the right to choose, if someone is of sound mind they should be able to make that decision to live or die. Sarah, 19, from Saint Andrews said “it’s the quality of life not the quantity” – which really sums up the mutual feeling of our panel. Medical science has now moved on since the laws were passed, if someone cannot be offered any comfort or cure, they should have that choice.

However, almost the entirety of the panel members that wanted to legalise euthanasia mentioned that it was essential to have it heavily regulated. That euthanasia should only be an option for those terminally ill, so they die as they would like to be remembered. If their standard of living is so low that they are just waiting to die, they should have that choice to take that suffering away from themselves and their family.

Those that disagreed, and wanted euthanasia to remain illegal, felt making it legal was just a slippery slope that leads to doctors choosing to end someone’s life because they are a drain on resources. Others felt that no person had the right to take another’s life, be it for a good intention, it goes against their beliefs of a right for life.

Watch some responses from our panel.