What dress size should models be online?

We asked 100 of our female VoxPopMe panel from across the U.K ‘What dress size should models be on clothing websites?’ – whether they preferred a one size fits all approach or thought models should come in a range of sizes.

In terms of the model sizes our panel thought models should be, 44.8% thought models should be size 12, closely followed by 34.5% wanting 14/16 size models. Only 6.9% wanted models to stay at the existing size of 6/8, and 13.8% wanted size 10.

There was a big focus on women wanting to see models that looked healthy, in proportion and represented the average British lady. Many users thought it would be a good idea to have varied model sizes photographed in the same outfit, so they could compare it to themselves.

Some users found they were returning items they had bought online because it looked so different on them to the model, wanting to see models in different heights and ages as well as dress sizes.