What do you fear most for the future?

This question was inspired by ‘Listverse: 10 More Controversies of The Future’, an article full of circumstances we may face over the next 50 years, things that may appear to be small problems now that could into huge issues for the future.  Anshul, 27, from Leeds said “This question scared me to death, but it was a good reality check”.

38% of the panel felt that the battle for global resources was most their biggest fear for the future, the changes in weather and the increase of natural disasters. Many referred to the recent natural disaster in the Philippines that has really shaken the world with some shocking news coverage we have seen.

Followed by 29% of the panel fearing most mass poverty, both controversies were commented on as ‘closest to home’. There was a mutual feeling that there is not enough resources, we are overpopulating, and not living sustainably – there is only so long we can carry on like this.

28% found themselves most worried about the death of personal privacy, with new technological advances like Google Glass, someone could just look at you and be able to access all of your personal details. A point worth noting, a much larger proportion of female panel members are worried about virtual abuse in comparison to the male panel members.

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