What annoys you most about modern-day Britain?

From the overuse of mobile phones to local councils running out of money, it seems our panel had a lot to complain about when it comes to modern-day Britain. One of our favourite responses was complaining, that British people find negativity and complain about it too much – especially with the increased use of social media to track every single complaint.

A large amount of the panel were annoyed by genuine problems that seemed to be overlooked, for example homelessness, that is increasingly more obvious over the winter period, some of our panel felt that the government was just not doing enough to tackle this. Similar comments were made about the benefits system, as a few felt the benefit system did have a lot of flaws.

However the most popular annoyance amongst our panel was transport; the rush hour traffic, the expensive public transport, the way everything stops for the smallest weather change. Yes, it would appear this was clearly the annoyance that affected the majority of our panel members on a daily basis, leaving a lot of us out in the cold, starting and ending our working days with that extra bit of stress!

Watch some responses from our panel.