How should cyber-bullying be tackled?

Cyber-bullying is on the rise with the increasing use of Social Media, we asked our panel how they think something so important could be tackled.

The most reoccurring comment from our panel to tackle cyber-bullying is through education. However many of the panel agreed that it was not down to teachers to regulate, that education really needs to start at home with parents becoming more aware of what their children are doing online.

The panel also felt that more could be done by the social media sites, by potentially age restrictions with ID, or making it easier to report a user. A few of the younger members commented that they had been cyber-bullied in the past, and found that even though they had reported it to the site, no further action was taken. Therefore there should be more options available to block, or more serious consequences.

Some believed there should be an independent regulating body on the internet that manages online activity, especially of the younger population, to ensure action is taken with cyber-bullying and social media misuse.  However some felt that it was much easier to tackle then that, to just close that social media account and live without it.

Watch some responses from our panel.