How would you describe Toyota in three words? Our panel was largely positive in relation to the overall Toyota brand, whether they are a Toyota owner or not it appears the Toyota is a brand to be trusted. 

34% of the panel commented that one word that really stuck out for them when it comes to Toyota’s brand reputation is the reliability. Many of the panel associated Japanese automotive with quality and reliability, that they had only heard good things about the Toyota brand.

The efficiency was the second most popular word to describe the Toyota brand, with 23% mentioning the fuel efficiency and economy. Many of the panel held as an important factor when purchasing a new car, as the price of road tax and fuel are so high now, if a saving can be made that is what they will look for.

12% felt that Toyota is a very innovative brand that they are on constantly ahead of their major competitors when it comes to new technology within the cars. But yet those innovative cars are available for a reasonable, competitive price.

Other words used to describe the Toyota brand included the practicality of the cars, with a large amount of storage space, and how high the safety standards of a Toyota car are. Toyota seems to be doing very well within our panel, seen as a cool and modern car that is also safe and affordable.

Watch some responses from our panel.