The Morrisons Market Street was commented on by a large amount of our panel, with a range of different fresh food counters, many commented that the shops felt more like a market than a large supermarket warehouse.

There was a general feeling that the shop was less commercialised than the other large supermarket competitors, with very high levels of customer service. Chris, from Bognor Regis said “the main thing that stands out if the choice” – many of the panel agreed that quality and choice were both largely available at Morrisons, while still being able to price match competitors.

Although there are areas for Morrisons to improve, many of the panel felt that Morrisons was lacking some sort of loyalty scheme, that with Sainsbury’s and Tesco loyalty cards the customer felt they were getting more for their money. However some commented that they were currently doing the £40 weekly shop offer in the run up to Christmas with Morrisons, which was seen as a great idea for such an expensive time of year.

Other places they felt needed improving was with the other general mechanise that they stock, like clothing and electronics, as some of their competitors are moving towards more of a ‘one stop shop’ approach. Some of the panel wanting to see Morrisons home delivery, and were interested to see how it would match up to other home delivery services

Watch some responses from our panel.