From our sentiment analysis it appeared that the majority of the panel were happy with their recent encounters with Tesco, with 62% of the panel having a very positive view of Tesco. We asked our panel what they thought Tesco was doing well, and where they could do with improving.

There was an overall feeling that Tesco had a great variety of products, that the convenience of everything being available all under one roof was desirable. However there was a running trend of wanting to see more transparency and honesty from the brand, with a move away from not-so special offer adverts and price changes.

Mixed reviews were received when it came to the customer service they had received. Peter, Redditch, 28 commented on the “outstanding customer service” he had received on a recent home delivery. Whereas Ashley, 30, London, found himself complaining to his local Tesco store due to the lack of customer understanding and service he witnessed on a busy Saturday shop.

The variety of on the go sandwiches was mentioned by a small proportion of the panel, as many found they could not go to Tesco often to pick up their lunch otherwise they would find themselves eating the same thing every day.

Paula, 23, London, said that what Tesco are doing right is “location – they are everywhere”. This was something a number of the panel touched upon, in a good and a bad light. Some felt that there were too many Tesco stores in their local area, and it was killing local business. In contrast, more of the panel preferred the convenience of having so many stores nearby, as their grocery shop choice was influenced by the locality of the store.