Sainsbury’s scored extremely highly amongst our panel of UK consumers, with 76% rating Sainsbury’s very highly. Many panel members felt Sainsbury’s was the ‘least-commercial’ supermarket in the industry. A large amount of the panel were considered to be promoters of the brand, none of the panel mentioned the Sainsbury’s brand in a negative light. A large amount of felt that Sainsbury’s are the supermarket that are getting it right when it came to large supermarkets. Haylea, 29 from Great Yarmouth felt that Sainsbury’s had a “less of a corporate feel” to many of the other supermarket brands.

However, it’s not just their large stores that are successful within the panel. Many felt the Sainsbury’s Local stores offered a good and healthy choice, that they were clearly more focused on the quality of the food instead of cramming in as much as they can into the small stores.

There was also a focus on the benefits of the Nectar Card, that they were not just restricted to spending and collecting the points in Sainsbury’s. Many found the shop to be much cleaner and have a much better layout to other supermarkets, with bigger isles.

There was not much that the panel felt needed improving, although some mentioned Sainsbury’s being slightly more expensive but worth the extra prices for the perceived extra quality. Some had had previous bad experiences with the level of customer service, and felt that this could be improved.